Is a new council necessary?

The truth is  that a new council is neither necessary nor desirable. However, there is a concerted effort by the handful of politicians and officers behind this plan to convince you that a new council is essential. Without a merger, you will be told, both councils face difficulties – in West Somerset’s case (so their argument goes) those difficulties could be fatal. These are absurd scare tactics which deserve to be challenged. The Government wanted three local councils  – including the highly successful Sedgemoor District – to get involved in finding a solution. To date Taunton Deane and West Somerset have only paid lip service to this sensible request. Perhaps they are scared of the fact that Sedgemoor operates a totally businesslike council. By comparison the way Taunton and West Somerset are run is questionable. The two councils have already spent a great deal of your money setting up a website to argue their case for merger. They also plan bizarre “events” to publicise their plans and will advertise in the papers too – it all costs taxpayers money. But their real purpose is to persuade you to fill in one of their over simplistic on-line forms. I would urge you to also get in touch with me. I intend to pass on your views direct to Ministers.